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First Colloquium on Open Content

December 10th, 2001, Bad Neuenahr

The following issues were presented and discussed at the first COOCIE:

    Open Content and Education
    Opportunities for applying Open Content solutions in education settings.

    Paradigm Shift
    Open Content and implications of a paradigm shift.

    Business Models
    Who will finance open content? Approaches to the "Public Good" problem.

    The License Issue
    Legal implications of Open Content licenses in view of education stakeholder requirements.

    Content formats as a limiting factor
    The problem of practical limitations to theoretical content re-use.

    Quality Control
    How could open content be meaningfully quality controlled and certified?

    Open Content vs. traditional scientific publishers
    Preprint Servers, PublicLibraryOfScience and high-impact publications as building blocks in academic careers.

    Cultural Change
    Which major cultural changes are needed in the education or academic system for the open content paradigm to succeed?

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